Recently I have had some time to ponder on why on earth I have been so much in my cave, and so little out in the world doing stuff together with people.

I got an answer to that tonight, it said ”ORIGINAL WORK ARE NOT SUITED WELL IN A GROUP”. Loners then are more in to doing original work, I thought, and suddenly this article formed on an energetic level.

Every time I am ”in” for writing there are an assembly of energy that I feel working its way into my conscious consciousness. So, the words that are to be written, presents themselves to me as a chunk of energy.

If that feels strange for you, then it could be the same for you, as it is for me, what differs is the perspective and the sensual context. I myself am touching great spaces around myself with my sensual apparatus, at least regarding “emotion” (read ENERGY in MOTION), and feeling.

That makes me kind of weird and strange when I am talking about this. Very few people understand, and most people disagree or tend to put me in a box of strange people.

That could have been the purpose in my own development, being rejected, or setting up oneself to become rejected has consequences. One then HAVE to meet oneself, each and every aspect of oneself is to be met, and lived through until one gets a consensus within oneself.

I would not say that so is the case with me, absolutely not, I meet new parts of me all the time, but now, at least I am used to it!

Anyway, the cave I created for myself, with much help from the external world was kind of a psychological chamber of research of what I call “the birth channel” of the Soul. This has been charted by many travellers on this inner journey for as long time has ticked. So there is really nothing new in this, it is kind of charted territory, with one exception.

EACH journey is unique. There is NO PATH that is to be learned. It’s an ORIGINAL journey, it’s you and your psychological and spiritual mashup that is to be met and made as a friend of you.

But there are for sure patterns, tips and tricks, understanding, methods and techniques to learn from others. Still it’s your journey, and no one else will ever, or have ever travelled your path!

My path to expansion has been thru a lot of missteps, misunderstandings and really nasty flops. There is much to say about that, but I will stay with the kind of funny remark in this articles heading – ORIGINAL WORK – A LONERS HACK.

When you are on the path of expansion, you can for sure expect some roller coaster stuff showing up. Stuff will happen to you that absolutely can´t happen, anyway it does….

Expansion is for the journeyman traveling The path of his soul – backwards and sometimes forwards. To clear the Soul history and balance the scales is like doing the work in one of the Indiana Jones movies. You are on an adventure, and there is a goal and there IS something to harvest from the journey.

I for myself has five big binders of texts and sketches that, at least for me, explains things of beauty, and things of nastiness. There is as well a lot of explanation of how we as groups and people interact on levels not seen.

Its seems to be time for me to get into a feeling of APPRECIATION of what I have done so far, “taking notes” and snapshots during my journey.

Now it’s time to get them in shape for publishing!

His ORIGINAL WORK – done by a LONER in a cave HACKING into the deepest layers of this place called Earth and the Cosmos.

Big stuff, I know, but a LONER has not been pushed around by what is working socially, the loner is doing ORIGINAL work!

So, I am about to get the HACK in shape and put some VIRUS into the system, only for the sake of having fun!




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