Take care of your bed!

When moving through passages of transformation or what I sometimes call “chaotic nodes”, it is of utmost importance to take care of your bed (as well as clean your living space regularly).

I will give you some advice to “make your bed” and “clean your space” with some simple measures.

First, why should you take good care of your bed when moving trough passages of transformation, or when you are feeling out of alignment with you chosen path? The bed is where you rest, but not only that, it is the area in your life where you are like a space shuttle. Your “dreamtime” is full of adventure and you are moving through “simulations” of what is to come in daytime.

Dreams are a kind of reality that has its special environment and pace and twists. If you are prone to nightmares, then you know how dream time can hit you in the stomach and make you sweating and having fearful feelings!

Do not even for a minute believe that it does not impact your day life, because it does! And what you are experiencing during dream time is for sure putting an energetic imprint into you bed!

We are electromagnetic beings, with energy swirling all the time within our bodies, as well as in our immediate vicinity. We are sweating not only “sweat”, we are emitting energy all the time!

When resting in our bed about one third of a full 24 h day, then why should the bed NOT become impregnated with what you emit? It does and that’s why we are changing linens when needed. BUT how often do you clean your bed really in depth?

I think we can do a deep cleaning by vacuum cleaner at least once each month. Especially when you are passing trough a transformation or a purge of old stuff like stuck feelings or mental patterns that has resided with your for to long.

So, my advice is for sure to “make the bed” for good rest, by taking good care of your bed. It is one of your best friends, making a good place for your regeneration!

Vacuum cleaning is for sure a good way to get the bed in shape, BUT what about your vacuum cleaner? I ask because I know that one of the most dirty (in every aspect, physical as well as energetic) places in every home is the vacuum cleaner.

It is used to vacuum your living space, and when finished it is put into a cabinet, left until next time it shall do its service! Well, because it is “all over the place” it will become more or less imprinted by what is in you energetic living space. It will become a storehouse of whatever it found on your floor, and of course whatever was in your energetic space.

What to do to get that “shit” out of the vacuum cleaner then?

Planet Earths oceans is kind of the vacuum cleaner for the planet, sooner or later shit drains into the oceans, and that would be disastrous if the oceans would be fresh water, and not saltwater! SALT is an alchemical and magical ingredient in our life’s, and so it is for the planet!

It is an energetic transmutation ingredient that will do magic for your vacuum cleaner! So, to get “the belly of the vacuum cleaner” fresh, give it SALT!

Here is how I do it. I put a handful of sea salt on the floor, I vacuum it in to the cleaner, then I will put the cleaner with the engine in full speed for 5 minutes outside my house!

That will refresh your vacuum cleaner and get “that shit” transmuted into better energy! What we call DOR – Death orgone or “death chi” (that is life force…) is filled in the vacuum cleaner, the SALT will transmute it and clean it so that it does not RECYCLE “that shit” into your living space each and every time you are cleaning your living space!

So, before you are cleaning your bed with the vacuum cleaner, clean the cleaner!

All the best wishes…

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