Drama, no thanks, Happy, yes of course!

Resently I have pondered on the drama pinballing all around the world. Its “all over the place”. It is kind of a great gathering of our pain bodies, having a huge party of “drama”.

So thats a great thing, because what is in the light can become transmuted, what is in the dark and hidden we have hard time to transmute – we even dont know its there!

Greta is stirring upp stuff, BREXIT as well, and drama is moving in “vawes” in the social media.

And most of the time it is all the time a matter of YOU. YOU need to change so that I can have it MY way. Thats the “name of the game” of the pain body world. So, when I pondered on this it became so overly clear for me that I and MY pain body does this all the time.

Its the BLAME-GAME…. YOU need to change, YOU did not do this or that, OR you DID that wich you should not have done to me.

Its called an “EMOTIONAL REACTION” by Barbara Brennan, in her books on healing, and when we are in an “ER” (emotional reaction), we are NOT in the NOW. We are in our wounds that is from THEN. We repeat and repeat and repeat the same old stuff over and over again.

AND it came down on me, that it is exactly how I myself behave over and over and over again.

So, what to do then?

My mind made me a trick, its kind of a trapping of the ER when it is happening to me, and it is a kind of a rhyme “Drama, no thanks, Happy, yes of course!”. It works magic sometimes, and sometimes the pain body do not give a damn about it, BUT with a steady and focused will, I will prevail, and make that rhyme part of my life!

And the rhyme gives a smile, and the shitload of bad feelings inside transmutes into inner peace!


Give it try! Laugh on your self and you ”patterns” – be HAPPY!

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